Return to School - Protocols and Procedures for Cappawhite National School

Cappawhite National School has been preparing for the new school year.  Socially distanced lines have been painted on our playground and boundary wall.  Covid information posters and sanitizers have been placed around the school.  We look forward to welcoming all our pupils back on Monday August 31st.

                       Advice for Parents

In order to facilitate a safe return to school, parents are required to do the following:

Symptoms are:

Control Measures

  1. Social distancing

  1. Arrival and dismissal

  1. Procedures in relation to classroom or pupils

  1. Classroom materials/resources

Stationery - as per the recommendation in our booklist please ensure you child has a pencil case which can be left in school. It would be useful to have a second set of supplies at home for any home based activities.

Art – Where possible pupils will have their own individual art and equipment supplies.

Electronics – Shared electronic devices such as tablets and IPads  will be cleaned between use

Library Policy – Where practical pupils will have their own books. Books that are shared will be covered in a wipeable plastic covering that can be wiped with a suitable household cleaning agent between uses. Pupils will be encouraged to perform hand hygiene after using any shared item.

Shared Sports Equipment – We will minimise equipment sharing and clean shared equipment between uses by different people.

  1. Suspected cases
  1. Special educational needs pupils

  1. PPE

  1. Uniform/Coats

 Regular washing of uniforms and children’s clothing, as per usual, is recommended to be continued. Pupils are asked to change out of uniforms immediately after school.

Parents are encouraged to send their child to school with weather appropriate clothing each day. Every effort will be made to utilise outdoor playtime for each break regardless of weather. Rain jackets, hats etc are recommended for each child.

Now more than ever it is imperative that parents ensure all pupils clothing and all other items items are clearly labelled with their name. Please ensure that this is completed prior to your child returning to school.